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In an interview for the Daily Telegraph on Monday 28 December 2015, Jools Holland compares the BBC to “museums, royal parks and public swimming baths.” I think that’s a compliment.

Through research by Royal Parks Guild we are able to present a talk for any organisation on the role of the parks during the Great War. For details click here.


Expert advice
Volunteering at Kensington Gardens Allotment Day

Members of The Royal Parks Guild offer their time and expertise to The Royal Parks, associated organisations and apprentices. These services range from providing expert advisors, such as landscape planners for major projects; gardeners for the annual “Ask the Expert Days” held at Regent’s Park and Kensington Gardens; organising horticultural master classes where “hands on” demonstrations are given to large groups covering a number of subjects; training park volunteer gardeners, and; assisting and mentoring apprentices to help with any queries relating to their course.

Judging masterclass Judging Masterclass at Regents Park

Teaching propagation techniques for park volunteers

If you are not eligible to join The Royal Parks Guild but would like to volunteer in The Royal Parks please see further information by clicking here.

The Royal Parks Guild are dedicated to helping parks’ apprentice schemes and those that join them. If you would like to help us then click here to see if you could become a member of the Guild.

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