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On 13 January 2020 it was announced that an apple sapling that had been grown on from a seed taken into space by astronaut Tim Peake was to be given a new home in Bushy Park. Click HERE for the story.

On 13 January 2020 it was announced that an apple sapling that had been grown on from a seed taken into space by astronaut Tim Peake was to be given a new home in Bushy Park. Click HERE for the story.

The Home Depot, The Regent's Park, in print

In 1915 a large wooden building, four acres in extent, was erected on Gloucester Green to house the Army’s sorting office for their wartime postal service. The complex was later extended to six acres and called The Home Depot. Knowing about the depot, and seeing research carried out as part of our WWI project, the author Poppy Cooper asked the Guild if we could provide her with any background information that she could use to develop her proposed storyline of three women working in the depot.

We were able to provide Poppy with the family history of four women who worked there; Miss Deane, Miss E A Langham, Miss E M Permian (all depot supervisors) and Mrs Lamond Howie (who ran the canteen). We were also able to share other aspects of our research relating to the depot itself. Poppy thanked the Guild for their help and advice, particularly their book The Royal Parks in the Great War which she regarded as “a great source of information [and] inspiration about The Home Depot”.

To read about the experiences of fictional characters Beth, Millie and Nora at the Home Depot in Poppy’s book The Post Office Girls, order a copy online or pick one up at any good bookshop.

The Royal Parks - Hidden Stories

The Royal Parks recently produced a podcast called Hidden Stories: Parks in Wartime with the help of the Guild. Click HERE to select and listen to, or download, Episode 8.

In the video below we have a produced a slideshow synchronised with the audio track.

World War I project

The Guild is proud to present our publication 'The Royal Parks in the Great War' online. Researched, compiled and edited by David and Claire Ivison it gives an insight into the role the Royal Parks played during the conflict and the stories of the 24 men of the Royal Parks who died. To view the publication click HERE. Our thanks go to BlueBird Boats Limited of Hyde Park for sponsoring its publication.

The Guild also played a prominant part in the production of the final report of the The Royal Parks in World War I project. This was a joint venture with The Royal Parks and funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund. To view the report click HERE.

First World War park employees

The Guild are carrying out wide ranging research into those Royal parks employees who served or died during the First World War.

The names of the 24 Royal Park employees who gave their lives during the war are commemorated on His Majesty's Office of Works Memorial that is in the Treasury Building adjacent to St James's Park. On the memorial is carved We Band of Brothers.

As part of our research Guild members have revealed the details of 345 people who worked for The Royal Parks in 1911. To see the names, their place of work and family details click or tap HERE.

If you you had a family member or know of someone who worked in the parks prior or during the First World War please contact us by clicking here. We would be very interested in hearing from you.

Conserving Our Parks' Heritage

One important object of the guild is to research, record and conserve all aspects of The Royal Parks' heritage.

This can be reminiscences from past employees, photographic records, day-to-day artefacts, historical events in the parks, people from the parks and so on.

In collaboration with The Royal Parks we aim to build on this information. We already have a number of prints, photographs and artefacts, but we would always look to increase the size of the collection.

If you have memories of The Royal Parks you would like to share or item of interest relating to the parks you would like to donate to the Guild's archive collection then please contact us through the following link.

The Hearsum Collection based at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park has a diverse range of Royal parks heritage material covering the last four centuries. To learn more about this click here to follow a link to the Hearsum Collection website.

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