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In an interview for the Daily Telegraph on Monday 28 December 2015, Jools Holland compares the BBC to “museums, royal parks and public swimming baths.” I think that’s a compliment.

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The Guild remembers the fallen of World War One

The Guild remembers the fallen of World War One

On 11 November 2016 the Guild were invited by the Treasury to attend their Armistice Day service in tribute to those civil servants whose names appear on memorials placed throughout the building. The ceremony was held in the central courtyard of the office complex.

David and Claire Ivison represented the Guild and Toni Assiratti attended from The Royal Parks. The Treasury’s Permanent Secretary Tom Scholar led the ceremony with a troop of Volunteer Police Cadets providing the escort. Other dignitaries included Mark Maynell, Chaplain to the offices and Adrian Murphy of the offices’ Christian Fellowship. The last Post was played flawlessly by Mathew Rainsford.

Photo courtesy of Liza Pawlowska

At the end of the ceremony David was asked to accept one of the wreaths and help place it on the memorial.

Memorial photograph courtesy of Liza Pawlowska.

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