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Apprentice Awards

At our 'It's all in a Name' masterclass held at RHS Wisley Gardens on 28 October 2015 the annual apprentice 'best in year' awards, organised by The Royal Parks and The Royal Parks Guild, were presented by Andrew Scattergood (left in pictures), Chief Executive of The Royal Parks. Also at the award ceremony were Mike Fitt, Chairman of the Guild and Sarah Cathcart, RHS Head of Education.

Year 1

Laurence Tippins

Laurence Tippins excelled within his apprenticeship programme due to his mature attitude, hard work and commitment to both work and study. He has proved himself to be not only an outstanding apprentice, but also displays the attributes of someone that will make a diligent and highly professional employee. He has high standards and his supervisor has a great deal of confidence in the care he takes with any task he is asked to undertake. He always acts with a level of responsibility and maturity beyond his years. At college he demonstrates great passion for what he does and strives to make improvements where possible. He is very conscientious and a strong advocate of the apprenticeship scheme.

Year 2

Adam Watts

Adam Watts demonstrated a very positive attitude, focus and commitment throughout his apprenticeship. He works hard to improve all areas of work and work environment. He has proved his value as a team member and is highly regarded in the team. He goes above and beyond the call of duty and his colleagues are able to rely on him to always assist were required. He is a positive influence on those he comes into contact with. His performance at college has been exemplary where he has demonstrated good horticultural practice and a drive for knowledge and good practice.

Special Award

At The Royal Parks Guild, we recognise personal advancement achieved through difficult or challenging circumstances. For this reason, we sponsor a ‘special’ award to be presented to a person from the whole of The Royal Parks Apprenticeship for their hard work and commitment shown during the year.

Adam Stoter

This year the award was presented to Adam Stoter who has applied himself to the apprenticeship scheme with admirable attitude and drive. Since beginning the apprenticeship scheme he has transformed his whole approach to his place in the working environment. He takes the apprenticeship very seriously and wants to maximise what he can get out of it; he clearly wants to learn and gain as much from the scheme as possible. He is naturally quite reserved and has really pushed himself, particularly in the last year. At college he always produces what is expected of him to a very high standard, often demonstrating knowledge well beyond the Level 2 programme. He is an extremely sought after operative when organising teams.

Apprentice Forum

If you are a garden apprentice and would like to share your experiences or generally communicate with other apprentices follow The Royal Parks Apprentice Community page by clicking here.


“The Royal Parks”, not many apprentices are able to say they have had the opportunity to achieve work experience and horticultural qualifications from such a prestigious location.

Many of the apprentices who finish the course go on to establish careers in the public and private sectors, some internationally, in a wide range of landscape based industries including:

Some use The Royal Parks Apprenticeship as a firm stepping stone to achieve further learning opportunities at the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew and the Royal Horticultural Society’s Garden at Wisley. Others choose to attend college and university based courses to gain professional qualifications.

Following the gaining of appropriate experience and qualifications, opportunities exist to join professional groups, such as the Institute of Horticulture, Arboricultural Association, the Landscape Institute or the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management. In many instances membership of professional institutions are advantageous or a requirement in enhancing career prospects with employers.

The Royal Parks Guild are dedicated to helping parks’ apprentice schemes and those that join them. If you would like to help us then click here to see if you could become a member of the Guild.

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